Friday, January 9, 2015

I believe!

I believe in God. I believe that God's word is a perfectly written document. I also believe that God's word is a working document that is filled with more questions than answers. This in itself is what makes it so perfect.
I have said before that if the world knew where to go to find the answers that we crave, then there would a Black Friday style line to get in, right?
Each time I read or listen to the bible, I think of more questions I'd like to ask. As a seeker, I find this challenge to be both frustrating and compelling. Being a Christian is a challenge I am willing to tackle.
2014 was no doubt a challenge for my family in so many ways, but 2015 is here now, and I am ready to face it head on. The test that I have faced this past year has caused me to think quite a bit about my approach to life. We have one shot, and there is no time to waste. I want to be a healthy, productive husband, dad, boss, employee, etc... The only way for me to do that is to commit to loving myself, and to understand that like God's plan to make us continued seekers, we have to be willing to ask the hard questions, be in search of the way that leads to our personal happiness.
I have expressed to my students who see me the most that 2015 is a fresh start filled with opportunities for growth and joy. So, bring it on New Year!

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